Jul 10

Montréal-Python Packaging Sprint Wrapup

Yannick has posted a wrap-up of the latest packaging sprint they held (our trial sponsorship one) over here complete with pictures! It feels great to have helped in some small part - and we hope to help them and other sprint groups (new and experienced) out!

To quote Yannick:

"We have to thank the Python Software Foundation for supporting the sprint by covering the cost of food and drinks. Fuel (food and drinks), is not a requirement for a sprint since dedicated hackers will show up whether they have to bring their own booze of not, but it’s nice to be able reward sprinters with a savory meal. They deserve it. The sprint sponsorship program is a great thing, not because there is a financial bottleneck to organizing sprint, but because having a common coordinator for Python sprint will help to share the excitement and the knowledge of what works for sprints and what doesn’t. Hopefully, other user groups will join us and make sprints a core element of their schedule.

We agree completely - but remember the funds can be put to use for paying for any other expenses as well (food, networking, renting the place you need). Why don't you drop us an application today?