Jul 17

EuroPython 2010 Sponsored Core Sprint

On behalf of the sprints team, I'd like to announce our second sponsored sprint - this time at EuroPython in Birmingham UK July 22nd through the 24th. Michael Foord (fuzzyman) sent us the application - they had already planned on having a "Python Core" sprint, with the rooms supplied by EuroPython. Our sponsorship will go towards other things such as refreshments and food for the participants.

A sampling of those who will be in attendance - Michael Foord, Ronald Ousseron, Georg Brandl, Brett Cannon, Ezio Melotti, Mark Dickinson, Tim Golden and more.

The primary focus of the sprint - beyond general core "things" according to Michael is the migration of Python-Core to mercurial - something long on the to do and wish list of python core. Here's the quote from Michael's application:


We would like to make the mercurial transition the focus of the sprint. At the very least coming out of the sprint with a clear idea (specific list) of what needs to be done.

During the conference both Brett Cannon and Martin von Loewis will be present, so we have a good opportunity to discuss this during the language summit and come away from that with some clear "todos". Ezio Melotti will also be working on roundup -> mercurial integration.

If we have a lot of "beginner" (non-core) sprinters then we will make "how to fix a Python bug", including the whole process from bug tracker to fix, the focus for these people.

This sounds like an awesome place to get introduced to everything you could possibly want to know about core - I know that personally my first Python-Core sprint at Pycon in the US sticks in my mind to this day as a major highlight.

So, if you're going to be at EuroPython - and you're staying for the sprints - drop on in! If you hadn't planned on staying for the sprints - please do! They're an awesome time, and help everyone learn and grow and get awesome things done.

You can also see, on the right hand side bar - we've added a Google Calendar with entries for this sprint, and we hope to be adding more. If you have an upcoming sprint or hackfest, and you want us to write a post to help advertise or add it to the calendar - even if we're not sponsoring it - drop us an email.