Jul 04

Our First Sponsored Sprint - Montréal-Python Packaging

As you've probably read - we're happy to announce our pilot sponsored sprint! The Montréal-Python group is putting together the 5th of their python-packaging related sprints (details here), tomorrow July 5th.

Packaging is a critical component of the Python ecosystem and the changes happening now will change the face of the ecosystem for some time to come. We're very excited and happy to help enable (in a small way) this and the Montréal Python group.

As this is the pilot - it will be good to learn all of the specifics of how we will handle the financial transactions moving forward, and we hope to gain a lot of insight and knowledge from the Montréal group in regards to what they feel helps and doesn't help with good sprints, etc. 

If you're in the area - I'm sure the sprinters could always welcome some more company, and we're looking forward to being able to post our first sprint-story (we hope with pictures!) once the sprint is done. 

So, once again - thanks to the Montréal group and the PSF for providing the funds. 

Again - more details can be had on the Montréal-Python wiki.