Oct 10

New Guide: Contributing to python-dev

The first guide in a series of many is the Beginngers Guide to Python Core Development. Learn the minimal steps to get running from a new core developer, including tips on getting the most out of your contributions.

As originally announced, we here at the sprint group are coming up with a number of guides to aid the efforts of sprint participants, especially those who are interested in the development of Python itself.

There can be many barriers to entry when it comes to working with free software projects such as Python, but the Beginners Guide to Python Core Development tries to get you up and running as quick as possible. It includes a number of helpful tips to maximize your contributions and minimize common roadblocks that new contributors face.

The guide contains not only the steps to get your own build running, but gives you some helpful hints to consider while preparing your work for submission to the Python team. If you've ever had a patch shot down, don't worry, we cover why that might have happened and give you tips on creating patches the Python core developers are looking for. Did you consider PEP-8 while coding up your next great feature? Are you aware of the emphasis on code review in Python development? How about the importance of accurate reporting on bugs.python.org? The guide provides a number of helpful hints to newcomers, with the goal of helping everyone make the transition from user to contributor.

As with any work we do, it's open to suggestion...especially the Mac/Linux tool setup (written by a Windows guy :). If you have any comments or corrections, feel free to post them. If you are interested in helping with the guides themselves, we'd love your help.