Oct 11

Trading Technologies sponsors Python Sprints

A Chicago software company joins the PSF in sponsoring the Python Sprints initiative. See what they do and why they decided to chip in.

I'm pleased to announce the addition of a new donor to the PSF sprint initiative: Trading Technologies from Chicago, IL, USA!

Commonly referred to as "TT", they develop both desktop and server products on Windows for trading on the world's financial markets. Although their products are written C++, Python has a huge presence inside TT, especially in their quality engineering group.

Starting with a single developer writing test tools for a trade database, TT's Python user base grew to 15 in fairly short order. Their application of Python includes heavy use of multiprocessing, Boost.Python and Python's C API, and a domain specific language for creating test suites. Additionally, a number of test management tools are written in Python, from handling VMWare deployment to test result storage and display. There are even teams using Python 3 exclusively!

TT has gotten incredible value from Python and wants to thank and support the efforts of those working to make it even better.

If you or your company are interested in donating, contact sprints@python.org.