Nov 03

python-dev Bug Weekend

Join the python-dev team for a weekend of hacking on Python 3.2, November 20-21. Round up your friends, fix some bugs, and Python Sprints will fund your efforts.

As Python 3.2 nears release, the python-dev team has organized a Bug Weekend, November 20-21, to follow up the release of the first beta. The primary goal of the weekend is to polish the 3.2 codebase by fixing as many bugs as possible, and the team invites everyone to get involved. Sounds like a perfect time to organize a sprint in your area!

This is a great time for Python users of any skill level to get involved in the development of Python itself. Most of the core developers hang out in #python-dev on freenode IRC (they even have a web interface) and they are willing to help anyone who wants to give their time to fix Python. There's plenty of work to be done, obviously including a lot of Python code, but also plenty of C code and documentation (using Sphinx) to go around. Check out to see what needs to be done, especially the issues tagged as easy if you're looking for some good starter bugs.

If you're interested in contributing for Bug Weekend (or any time!), check out our beginners guide to get setup, and read the original announcement. Additionally, run your projects on Python 3.2 and bring up any issues you find!

If you are planning a sprint for Bug Weekend or any other time, let us know at We can subsidize your sprint with up to $250 USD to help you rent a room, buy lunch, fill up on coffee, or whatever helps you help Python.