Dec 15

Widening Our Scope

It's like we're saying "anything goes"

We're very pleased to announce a change in the "PSF Sprints" charter which will allow us to better serve, and help, the Python Community as a whole.

We initially set out with the goal to start with a simple target - improving the "core" of Python via targeted sprints. These sprints would be focused on core documentation, bug fixes/triage, porting of libraries to Python 3, etc.

However, in the last few months the sprints team as a whole has realized that fundamentally - Python would not be where it is without the Python ecosystem as a whole (outside of core). Everything from multiple virtual machines, web frameworks, libraries that go ping - everything in the community is important to the future of Python as a whole. We wouldn't be here writing this post and rallying people together if it weren't for this ecosystem -- an ecosystem which needs support just as much support as Python itself.


Therefore, we are happy to announce that starting immediately, the charter of the project has been changed (via a board vote) to allow us to fund any Python related sprint. This means Django Sprints, PyPy sprints, Stackless sprints, learning Python or learning Twisted style sprints - all applications will be accepted (they will still go through an approval process, obviously).

If you're working on something that makes Python better for everyone, we want to help. We can reimburse your sprint group up to $250 USD to cover some of your expenses, from buying lunch to paying for train tickets.

The PyPy developers have gotten together a few times this year to sprint, most recently at the University of Düsseldorf. We'd love to chip in for their next sprint and see what kind of awesome stuff they can come up with once again. IronPython recently had a changing of the guard, so it would be great to see some users get together and turn into contributors.

Groups like Montréal-Python never seem to stop sprinting. These guys and girls have done a ton of sprints this year and they aren't stopping yet. Django, like many other web frameworks, is very important to the Python ecosystem, and we'd like to extend our services to those working on Django or any other framework out there.

If you are organizing a sprint relating to Python, let us know at and we'll see what we can do.


p.s. We'll be following up shortly with a post where we introduce the updated Call For Applications. PyCon work kept us very busy the last few weeks so it took a while to get this news out there. Oh, yeah, PyCon "Early Bird" registration is open. Hurry, the rates go up January 17, and registration is capped at 1500 attendees.