Dec 23

Sponsoring PyPy's Winter Sprint

Making PyPy faster, or less hungry, $250 at a time

We're happy to announce the sponsorship of the PyPy Winter Sprint! The crew is getting together in Leysin, Switzerland from the 16th through the 22nd of January, and given their usual achievments and a week spent together, we're sure they are going to put together some great stuff.

Plans for the sprint include work on their "fast-foward" branch, which brings their level of support up to Python 2.7 (they are jumping over 2.6). As usual, various parts of the JIT are scheduled to get attention as well, including a JIT backend for ARM. Along with the coding fun, there's also winter fun: they plan to take a day for skiing.

We hear they are also putting together a group dinner on one of the nights. Gotta feed the snake to make it faster.

More details on their mailing list.

As always, contact us at if you're planning a sprint.