Dec 27

Sponsoring the Python African Tour

Python hits the road. Next stop, Ghana.

It looks like the widening of our scope worked. The next sprint will be coming from Ghana as part of the Python African Tour on the 18th through 22nd of January, 2011.

This is really exciting because it's different than anything we've sponsored yet. It's kind of like a mini-conference that the group has been doing for the last few years. Two years ago they met in Rabat, Morocco, then Dakar, Senegal, and lastly Abuja, Nigeria this past summer. They plan to have three days of tutorials on Python, Django, and SciPy, followed by a two-day sprint on those topics and more.

For more information, contact Kamon ( or see the Python African Tour blog.

We'd love to sponsor more events, especially ones like this, so contact us!