Jan 25

Sponsoring Software Carpentry 2011

These Canadians love to sprint, eh? Introducing our second Canada-based sprint...

We're happy to announce another sponsored sprint, this time at Software Carpentry in July 2011! Full details aren't yet available, but previous events have been held at Univeristy of Toronto and University of Alberta.

Software Carpentry is about educating scientists and engineers on various software related skills such as version control, databases, testing, and of course, Python. Greg Wilson and company are planning a five-day "train the trainers" workshop at SC and plan to follow it up with a two-day sprint. Some of their goals include contributing to the standard and third-party libraries used during the course, e.g., NumPy and PyGame, along with working up extended examples targeted at their scientific crowd.

For a taste of what the last Software Carpentry was made of, check out the contents of Software Carpentry Version 3. Preparations for Version 4 are underway, which you can follow on their site.

If you are hosting a Python sprint and are interested in funding, send us an email at sprints@python.org.