Jan 27

Updated Call For Applications

They said we could give you more money, so we are.

As you may have read in a previous post, we've loosened up and now support and fund sprints of just about any kind. PyPy took advantage of this almost immediately for their sprint in Switzerland, and we got two  more sprints scheduled right behind them. This is awesome, and we're hoping more sprints keep rolling in. This is great not only for Python, but for the groups doing the work.

Since then we've been busy drumming up ideas for this group, for PyCon (you should go), and for all of this east coast snow, but we haven't forgotten to update our Call for Applications which we said we'd do. The update formalizes what we've been leading up to: we'll fund any Python-related sprint. Want to work on Stackless? Go for it. Does the buzz around Pyramid interest you? Go help them out, we got you.

Oh, and another thing you might like: we raised the amount we can fund up to $300 per sprint. That's up from our previous amount of $250. As with before, you can use it for anything from buying pizzas to renting a meeting space. Do some of your users have to travel to get to meetings? Throw them a few bucks to cover their ride. Whatever it takes to get your group together, we want to make it happen.

Go ahead and check out the Call for Applications and shoot us an email at sprints@python.org if you are interested in planning a sprint!