Feb 15

Portland sprint at Urban Airship

The Pacific Northwest takes a weekend to make Python a better place. Take a break from real life and hack with your friends in Portland.

The Portland Python Users Group is hosting a sprint February 26 at the headquarters of Urban Airship. The space has room for at least 40 people, but be sure to sign up here!

The group plans to spend some time on Fabric's multiprocessing branch, even including a look into a Python 3 port. Eric Holscher, one of the organizers of the sprint, plans to focus on Django features for 1.4, including forms improvements.

Flatland and Alfajor will also get some love and might see some Python 3 work as well. Last, but certainly not least, co-organizer Dan Colish plans to hack on PyPy, from 2.7 compatibility to benchmarking and testing on the platform. Join any of them or bring your own projects -- it's a day of hacking, fun, food, and friends.

On top of all of the third-party projects, they may spend some time on core development topics such as Python 3 features, doc and code bug fixing, and writing new tests. For those interested in starting on core development, we wrote a guide just for you: Beginners Guide to Python Core Development.

If you're interested in joining their sprint, don't forget to sign up. If you have questions, contact Dan and Eric.

Like what they're doing? Want to start up a sprint with your local user group? Let us know! Send us mail at sprints@python.org and we'll work with you to fund your next event.