Feb 09

matplotlib porting in Cape Town

You asked for it, you got it.

If you're waiting on matplotlib to work on Python 3, you might not have to wait much longer. The Cape Town Python Users Group decided their next sprinting efforts will be focused on the py3k branch of matplotlib. The sprint is happening March 5 at 10:00, likely to be at the Yola offices where they held their Genshi porting sprint.

According to the python.org poll of 3.x library support, matplotlib is the 4th most wanted. If you read Reddit, people have been asking about it for a while. Recent conversations I had with a traveling Python trainer pointed to this being the most wanted 3.x product. NumPy, the major roadblock to matplotlib on 3.x, was already ported. For all of these reasons, supporting a matplotlib sprint is a no-brainer.

They plan to build on the existing 3.x branch which is a work-in-progress. The main goal is to work through getting the test suite passing for at least one of the backends, then have a look at others as time allows. They're expecting 6-7 people, but you can always participate from home -- the more people we have porting things to Python 3, the better. Unfortunately you'll miss out on the sweet Python merchandise they are giving out -- last time they had coffee mugs made.

Additionally, if you noticed the date, it's right before PyCon (you should go). We will be putting together a lightning talk of some sort and we'll fill you in on the details of this sprint and others.

For more details, check out their site and contact Neil or Stefan.

If you want to hold a sprint and are interested in funding or promotion, email us at sprints@python.org.