Mar 25

Sponsoring Flourish Conference - Chicago

This year's Flourish Conference, a 100% free three day conference, will be adding an interesting twist: a Python sprint! The conference is hosted by the University of Illinois at Chicago ACM and LUG, and since they're all interested in Python, we're going to help as well.

The conference runs from Friday April 1 through Sunday April 3 at the University of Illinois at Chicago. For their fifth year, they've picked talks on a wide range of topics, including one by recent PyCon speaker Chris McAvoy. They also have an expo hall, two workshops, and are hosting Linux Professional Institute and BSD certification tests.

For the Python sprint, topics are open but one theme the organizers hope to carry on from PyCon is increasing test coverage in CPython. Getting involved with test coverage is a good introductory task for those looking to work on Python, as you immediately become familiar with the development process and tools, and might even learn about a new module.

The organizers are also looking for help on Friday and Saturday. If you're in the Chicago area, experienced with Python, and interested in helping lead the sprint on those two days, contact Joel on the Flourish organizers team.

See their directions page for how to get there and where to go.