Apr 12

PyCamp Argentina Follow-up

PyAr and friends took over Córdoba, Argentina for a fun weekend of Python hacking. Oh, and juggling.

Córdoba, Argentina recently played host to a very successful weekend of Python sprinting. From March 24 to 27 with help from the PSF and PyAr, a pretty sizeable group got together to hack on various Python projects together.

Facundo Batista continued the effort to introduce Python 3 support to Twisted, which he began at PyCon. Fellow organizer Juan Diaz also contributed some Twisted work. Both of their work made it into trunk since the sprints. Great work!

The CDPedia project got a lot of attention that weekend, with everyone coming together to bring the project up to a 0.7 release. CDPedia aims to get the Castillian version of Wikipedia onto a single CD, with the goal of distributing the content across the country. With this project, all of the school kids across Argentina can now learn without being tethered to the internet. What a great topic for a weekend sprint - and it gets better.

Pilas, a video game framework that uses a localized API to help Argentinian school children understand it, also got plenty of love. They also reached an important milestone: the API can now be modified to support other languages, so they can now help an even wider range of people learn Python by making games!

The group also spent some time on Django and CPython, then made time for visiting historic locations in town. Some of them got together for juggling lessons and a few even hacked out by the pool.


They had quite a busy weekend, but at least one of them found time to sleep.


For more pictures, check here and here.

If your group is interested in hosting a sprint, funding is available. Just email us at sprints@python.org.