May 13

Sponsoring DjangoCon EU 2011

This year's European DjangoCon takes place on June 6-8 in Amsterdam, and we're pitching in to fund their sprints. Following three days of talks, the two day sprint from June 9 through 10 takes place at De Waag in the center of Amsterdam. Yes, the sprint takes place in a castle, and castles are awesome so we couldn't say no.

The venue has quite the history behind it, and it looks like an interesting venue to get together with some of the best Django hackers around to crank out some great code.

The organizers plan to coordinate with the core Django developers to sketch out a plan for what to work on, and there will also be an introduction to first time sprinters. Check out the talk schedule for more details!

If you're hosting a Python sprint, contact us at - we'd like to sponsor it.