Jun 16

PEP-382 sprint in Maryland

After announcing a great event on the west coast of the US, a group on the east coast is also gathering up for a sprint. Details are still rolling in as attendance is figured out, but the sprint will take place somewhere in Montgomery County, Maryland - in the Silver Spring/Bethesda/Baltimore, MD and Washington, D.C. area.

Lead by long-time CPython developer Barry Warsaw, the group plans to hack on PEP-382 namespace packages starting at 4 PM on Tuesday June 21. They're looking at renting a meeting room somewhere in the area, or they might end up hanging out at a local restaurant or even Barry's house!

If you're interesting in sprinting with them, check out this thread on the Bacon-PIG mailing list.

Contact us at sprints@python.org if you're planning a sprint. We have funding available and want to help more groups like this.