Jun 21

Sprints at EuroPython

Cap off a great conference by joining the sprints in Florence June 24-26

If you're at EuroPython this year we hope you're enjoying the great talks, and we also hope you're sticking around for the sprints on Friday! The list already includes a lot of great projects from CPython to PyPy, a number of Django and Django-related projects, and several others. If there's nothing on the list you want to work on, feel free to start your own sprint!

Even if you can't come to the conference itself, the sprints are free for all to attend. We're going to be sponsoring the sprints thanks to CPython developer Ezio Melotti bringing it to our attention, and as always, we're glad to be helping out.

If you can join in the sprints, please do -- you'll love it. Sprinting at a conference like EuroPython is a ton of fun with people from all over getting together to work on amazing things.

As always, contact us at sprints@python.org if we can help with your next sprint.