Jun 09

PyLadies sprint in Los Angeles

We were recently introduced to a great new group for women in the Python community: PyLadies! Lead by Audrey Roy and Katharine Jarmul, the group hosts events to get women involved in Python in the greater Los Angeles, California area. From starter workshops to user-group style talks, they've had a few meetings already, including one that had to be resized due to such a large turnout. That's an awesome problem to have, especially for a new group.

The next event on their calendar is the PyLadies Hackathon on Saturday June 18, 2011 which we're happily sponsoring. The group plans to have plenty of mentors available to help you find something to work on whether it's for yourself or for open source, or if it's your first time writing Python code. The last hour of the sprint is going to play host to lightning talks - get up there and talk about what you hacked on! Afterwards they are following it up with the fourth PyLadies Night at Hollywood Canteen.

If you happen to work on any open source code while you're there, the ladies had some shirts made for those contributing:

If you're interested in attending the sprint, sign up via Eventbrite.

If you would like to host a sprint in your area, contact us at sprints@python.org.