Jul 22

PyOhio Conference and Sprints at OSU

Come one, come all, even University of Michigan fans!

If you're in the midwest and looking for a great Python conference to go to, pack your bags and book your tickets to Columbus, Ohio on July 30 and 31. In fact, stay for August 1 and put in a whole day of sprinting! The conference is being held at the Ohio Union on the campus of The Ohio State University.

This year's talk schedule looks great, so get there early. Michael Yanovich is giving a Python 101 and 102 tutorial session for the beginners in the audience. Brandon Craig Rhodes has a lot on his plate with not one, not two, but three talks. Alex Ezell will be telling the journey of conference sponsor Emma's transition from PHP to Python. Eric Floehr, one of the conference organizers, will be leading a panel of entrepreneurs in an audience-led talk on consulting, selling Python products, and more.

After the talks are over, stick around in the evenings to hack with the best of 'em. So far the list includes Rick Harding at the helm of a sprint on Bookie, a del.icio.us alternative built with Pyramid and SqlAlchemy. Anthony Long will captain the porting of Jellyfish, a JavaScript execution framework, to Python. Morgan Goose, core contributor to Fabric, will be leading a sprint to make the project "even awesomer" as the conference sprints page says.

Is your sprint not listed? Want to start your own sprint? Email pyohio-organizers@python.org and get it listed! Hell, just show up with a laptop and sprint to your heart's content.

We're looking forward to the great things a sprint like this can achieve. Sitting face to face with the leaders of a project is a great time to get started if you're a first timer, a great time to sit down and flesh out the details and code of some of the murky parts of a codebase, and so much more.

If your local user group or conference is hosting a sprint, let us know at sprints@python.org. We want to sponsor you.