Oct 11

Twisted Sprint in Boston, MA

Join the Twisted team on October 15 for a day of sprinting towards an 11.1 release, consisting of plenty of bug fixing, feature adding, and documenting. Coached by the local core contributors, you'll have a chance to sit down and make an impact on the Twisted community, plus you'll learn a thing or two. They've been putting together sprints for quite a while, with reports here, so they're a great group to sit down with if you're a first timer.

The group expects to have 10-15 attendees, and the venue isn't decided yet besides being in the Boston area. We'll update you with solid details once we know them. They're looking to start around noon go through the evening.

If you're interested, contact them on Twitter @twistedmatrix, or contact us at sprints@python.org and we'll pass on your info.