Nov 11

OpenHatch sprint - Cambridge, MA

If you're in the Cambridge, MA area this Sunday and looking to hack on a really cool project, Asheesh Laroia and crew are going to be working on the site. The site is Django-based and makes use of a number of great Django add-ons, so step up to the plate with your skills or sit down and learn a thing or two!

We're really happy to be sponsoring an OpenHatch sprint because it's a perfect fit for us. We're all about funding contributors to open source projects, and they're all about connecting contributors to open source communities in need. The site has tools for finding projects that need help, finding project mentors, and just offering your general help to see who bites. On the project side of things, they have ways of listing tasks you need help with, listing your project's bugs, and letting people know how they can contribute. It's a really great tool that we're hoping will really take off, and we're hoping this sprint will push them forward.

They're expecing a small group so you'll get some good guidance from the existing team members. If you're interested, sign up on their Doodle.

For more details on the event, see their announcement.