Nov 29

OpenHatch Sprint Report

Contributed by Asheesh Laroia, the sprint organizer.


On Sunday, November 13, with the help of a grant from Python Sprints, contributors to OpenHatch got together to clean up documentation and get started on new projects. Here's what it looked like:

Four people attended our local Boston-area sprint, and one person sprinted remotely. We worked toward the release goals for the month: making a smoother setup process for new contributors, improving the front page of the site, and adding a feature to make the site more useful to project maintainers. Alas, Jessica McKellar, one of the main contributors, could not attend due to the Twisted sprint going on at the same time. Next time!

Jule Slootbeek began to add a much-needed feature to the app. M. Page-Lieberman, Deborah Nicholson, and I cleaned up and tested the developer documentation. Deb and Jule submitted their first patches. Karen Rustad, sprinted remotely, continuing her work on new information architecture for the front page of site. Here's Karen waving from Berkeley:

After four hours of eating, drinking, and hacking, it was time to pack up. I suggested we start having monthly sprints, and Jule countered that we should have them twice a month! I'm looking forward to having sprints more often; this sprint is a follow-up to ad-hoc OpenHatch sprints at PyCon and the Boston Python Project Night. Thanks to the PSF for sponsoring!