Feb 26

WebTest Paris Sprint Report

Sprint report from Gael Pasgrimaud



The WebTest Paris sprint occurred from 21th to 23th of February. The main goal was to improve the tests coverage because testing your code with a poorly tested library is a shame. And we made it! We were 6 people during the two first day and we were all focused on the task. We worked hard the first day (something like 14 hours) and the goal was achieved at the end of the second day. We now have 100% of test coverage!

We also created two new packages to move some code outside the project. We now have webtest-selenium which allow to use the WebTest API to run some tests with a Selenium server and webtest-casperjs to run some caperjs tests in an external process from a standard unittest test case.

We celebrated that with the sprinters and other members of the French python community (AFPy) at the "AFPyro" (which is mostly a social beer event) on friday evening.

We were 4 people for the last day. Two of us mostly focused on some documentation improvements, mostly API reference. We also added WSGIProxy2 support to allow you to use WebTest to run some tests with a real web server as target. For example this will allow you to check that your production server doesn't raise a 500 error at the first click. And finally, two of us just tried to use WebTest to test his project. That way we discovered a new bug which is now tested and fixed! Also, we fixed all the bug issues in the github tracker.

This ends up with a WebTest 2.0 release!

Thanks to all the sprinters (Domen, Stephane, Arthur, Christophe, Mathieu, Guillaume, George, Gael) and to the sponsors -- PSF and AFPy -- and to Bearstech for hosting the sprint!

It was really a both productive and fun event!