Posts for sprints

May 05

Boston's CPython sprint for new contributors

In April, Boston Python ran its first ever CPython development sprint for new contributors.

Feb 26

WebTest Paris Sprint Report

Dec 20

Pandas-PyData Workshop in NYC

Dec 13

PyData NYC Workshop/Sprint

Jul 20


May 11

OpenHatch Sprint in San Francisco

Nov 29

OpenHatch Sprint Report

Nov 11

OpenHatch sprint - Cambridge, MA

Oct 11

Twisted Sprint in Boston, MA

Jul 22

PyOhio Conference and Sprints at OSU

Come one, come all, even University of Michigan fans!

Jun 21

Sprints at EuroPython

Cap off a great conference by joining the sprints in Florence June 24-26

Jun 16

PEP-382 sprint in Maryland

Jun 09

PyLadies sprint in Los Angeles

May 13

Sponsoring DjangoCon EU 2011

Apr 12

PyCamp Argentina Follow-up

PyAr and friends took over Córdoba, Argentina for a fun weekend of Python hacking. Oh, and juggling.

Apr 08

matplotlib on Python 3 thanks to Cape Town group

Round two in Cape Town yields great success with matplotlib ported to Python 3

Mar 25

Sponsoring Flourish Conference - Chicago

Mar 25

Sponsoring PyCamp - Argentina

Feb 15

Portland sprint at Urban Airship

The Pacific Northwest takes a weekend to make Python a better place. Take a break from real life and hack with your friends in Portland.

Feb 09

matplotlib porting in Cape Town

You asked for it, you got it.

Jan 27

Updated Call For Applications

They said we could give you more money, so we are.

Jan 25

Sponsoring Software Carpentry 2011

These Canadians love to sprint, eh? Introducing our second Canada-based sprint...

Dec 27

Sponsoring the Python African Tour

Python hits the road. Next stop, Ghana.

Dec 23

Sponsoring PyPy's Winter Sprint

Making PyPy faster, or less hungry, $250 at a time

Nov 16

Sprints for bug weekend

Nov 03

python-dev Bug Weekend

Join the python-dev team for a weekend of hacking on Python 3.2, November 20-21. Round up your friends, fix some bugs, and Python Sprints will fund your efforts.

Oct 27

Plan a porting sprint using our new guide!

What better time to port your code to Python 3 than now? Check out our new porting guide, then round up your friends and start converting your projects. You write the code, we'll buy the pizza.

Sep 17

Genshi Python 3 Sprint

Aug 07

AFPY Computer Camp - September 17/18: France

Aug 07

Cape Town Python Users Group - Genshi to Python 3 sprint

Jul 29

Sprints at PyOhio

Jul 27

EuroPython 2010 Core Sprint Report

Jul 17

EuroPython 2010 Sponsored Core Sprint

Jul 10

Montréal-Python Packaging Sprint Wrapup

Jul 08

Call for Applications - Now Open

Jul 04

Our First Sponsored Sprint - Montréal-Python Packaging