Call For Applications

The PSF is happy to open our second (and now continious) call for applications for sprint funding!

We’re running a similar program to our first call, but we’ve made some adjustments that we feel will better serve the entire Python ecosystem and the groups that are doing the work. Our goal is to fund group sprints to improve the areas of Python that people want to work on, and we think our changes will help a wider audience.

If your goal is to make the Python world a better place, and you work on the problems facing Python today, we want to help you. We’re looking for groups of hackers that spend their time fixing and expanding the wide variety of Python interpreters, libraries, tools, and anything else affecting the community.

We’re also looking for groups who want to help and get started but don’t have the resources to get together. Whether your group is separated by a train ride or lacking a shared space, we want to help you. On-boarding new contributors to open source Python projects is an especially important area that we’d like to work with.

This means -- if you have a Python project -- and you want to sprint -- we want to help you. The Python Software Foundation has set aside funds to be distributed to world-wide sprint efforts. We're anticipating 2-3 events per month focused on covering topics to help the entire community:

  • Python Core work, e.g, bug triage, documentation
  • Porting libraries/applications to Python 3
  • PyPI and packaging related improvements
  • Contribution to Python VMs, e.g., PyPy, IronPython
  • Contribution to other Python projects, e.g., Django, PIL, pywin32 and so on...

If you are interested in holding a sprint on any of the topics above and are looking for money to help out with the costs, we can reimburse your group up to $300 USD (up from $250). Prepare an application including the following information:

  • Date and Location: Where will the event be? What day and time?
  • Organizers: Who are the event organizers and sprint coach? Is the sprint being run by a Python user group?
  • Attendees: How many participants do you expect?
  • Goal: What is the focus and goal of the sprint?
  • Budget: How much funding you are requesting, and what will you use it for?

Applications should be sent to: with the subject "Sprint Funding Application - [location]"

We encourage anyone -- even those who have never held, or been to a sprint -- to consider holding one. We will help you as much as we can with welcome packets, advertising, and hooking you up with required resources -- anything to make it possible.

As part of being approved, you will need to agree to deliver a report (hopefully, with pictures!) of the sprint to the Sprint Committee, so we can post it on the sprint blog and site:

If you have any questions or need more information, contact us by email at


This is the home of the Python Software Foundation (PSF) "sponsored sprints" initiative - this initiative was started in June of 2010 by the PSF board of directors. Its goal is to provide an amount of organizational and financial support to Python-Focused coding/hacking sprints over the upcoming year.


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