Donated Sprint Sites

The following people and/or companies have graciously donated space where sprints can be held. This list is not exhaustive - rather it is just the people and organizations which have contacted the team directly. Be sure to check with your local Python User Group and other companies/organizations in your area who might also be interested in donating space to a sprint.

For the contact information for any of these sites; please contact the sprints team directly -

Paris, France

  • is willing to host python-related sprints for free if part of the offices are available at the right time.

Leipzig, Germany

Gothenburg, Sweden

  • Should a sprint happen in Gothenburg (Göteborg), we'd be happy to host it either at Open End, or at my house (this is a big house). We've had 8+ person sprints both places before, and could accommodate more. A feature of my house is its two guest rooms, each with 2 beds, which could also be made available (for free).

Vancouver, Canada

  • ActiveState ( is willing to host Python-related sprints. We would just need to co-ordinate one of the ActiveState employees attending (likely one of the Python team members).

Cape Town, South Africa

  • Yola ( is willing to host Python-related sprints. One of the Yola employees (probably Jeremy) will need to attend to open and lock up and operate the temperamental coffee machine.


This is the home of the Python Software Foundation (PSF) "sponsored sprints" initiative - this initiative was started in June of 2010 by the PSF board of directors. Its goal is to provide an amount of organizational and financial support to Python-Focused coding/hacking sprints over the upcoming year.


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